Focused Adviser


Role - Advisers conduct full advice appointments with clients, these may be slightly more complex than a Generalist Adviser would see but there is less training, as knowledge is built over time. Some case work, for example taking the responsibility for a case will also be required, so you will need to be organised. No experience or particular interest is needed, although can be beneficial. Full training is provided.  

Who is it for – This role is for a volunteer who wants to get a little more involved in complex issues or someone who would just like to concentrate on one advice area.  

Commitment - Longer term commitment with a minimum of 6 hours per week and an additional 3 hours per week whilst training. All training can be completed from home, or in office 

Training length – This will depend on the subject area you chose to focus on, and training can range from 10 – 30 weeks, you will begin advising with support after 3-4 weeks 

Subject areas can include – Debt, Benefits (including Universal Credit) Form filling, Employment, Housing and Consumer 


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