Scam Awareness Fortnight 2020

We're spreading the word about scams to help stop more people across Arun from being scammed! We are taking part in Scams Awareness Fortnight, a campaign encouraging people to report and talk about scams, which starts on Monday 15 June.

Scams Awareness Fortnight 2020 is all about creating a self-supporting network of confident, alert, consumers. People ready, willing and able to spot scams!

Whether you’re an individual consumer looking to protect yourself and family from scams or an organisation or group representing consumers, your efforts during Scams Awareness Month are important because they will help spread the message that scams can be tackled if we take our time to spot the signs and share what we learn with others.

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What can you do to tackle scams

There are three things that you can do if you suspect that you are the target of a scam:

  • GET advice from the Citizens Advice consumer service 03454 04 05 06 who can provide advice and pass details on to trading standards.
  • TELL a friend, neighbour or relative about any scams you become aware of.

Be scam aware!

'Think Jessica' is a registered charity, highlighting the danger, and financial implications of scams which target people in their own homes.

🎥 'Think Jessica the Film' is a documentary/drama based on the true stories of Jessica and other scam victims and is narrated by Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert). It's well worth a watch! Please share with your family and friends and keep them safe from scams #scamaware

This powerful film produced by Citizens Advice Bristol hears the moving story of Raymond who was conned out of £3000 by ruthless scammers. Over a three year period he was targeted with thousands of letters advertising fake lotteries. Now he says: "It makes you angry and sick."  It's rare to get such a powerful first-hand account of these cruel crimes because victims often feel ashamed and isolated.