Full Time Meals - Get cooking with Marcus Rashford & Tom Kerridge

"It’s heart breaking to think that 4.2 million children in the UK are living in poverty, no child should go to bed hungry but today, far too many do. We live in the third largest economy in the world – it’s time to call full time on child food poverty" - Tom Kerridge

To drive change at both a national and grassroots level, together, Marcus and Tom have set up the Full Time campaign to call ‘Full Time’ on child food poverty – supporting the nationwide initiative #EndChildFoodPoverty.

They want to help give children and families the skills and confidence to cook good, proper food in their own kitchens, using the equipment available to them. Encouraging them to be creative, have fun and spend valuable time together cooking and eating.

Tom has created 52, pocket friendly and seriously tasty recipes that the whole family can cook – dishes to fill hungry tummies.  These recipes are simple and easy to follow with emphasis on limited equipment and inclusion of store cupboard goods with a longer shelf life.

Every Sunday morning, they will launch a new cook-along video on our Instagram page. Follow @FullTimeMeals to access all cook-along videos featuring Tom, Marcus and famous friends!