Support for those affected by Dementia
21 June 2022 11:06

It is projected that the number of people with dementia in the UK will increase by 80%, from almost 885,000 in 2019 to around 1.6 million in 2040.  In West Sussex, there are approximately 16,650 people currently living with dementia. This is predicted to rise by nearly 35 per cent in 10 years, to 22,450 by 2030. 

Do you know of anyone living with or caring for someone who has Dementia? 

We can help. 

We are able to provide a much-needed advice service to people living with dementia, their carers and families.  It can be on any topic at all including disability benefit forms like Attendance Allowance or Carers Allowance, or applying for or renewing a blue badge. 



If you are from an organisation and come across people living with dementia or their carers, please refer them to us using our referral form